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Collaborating with Your Team Members

Last Modified: August 8, 2019

The NI ELVIS III enables you to work in groups on a shared device.

When multiple users are using different instruments on a shared device, they have control over their respective instruments. When multiple users are using the same instrument on a shared device, only one user can control the instrument. Others can only view the controller's operation and the acquired or generated signals on the Soft Front Panel (SFP). You can easily request or release control over the instrument.

Before collaborating with your team members, read through the following sections to find answers to commonly raised questions.

Why Can't I Run the Instrument?

One possible reason is that you are in the view mode. In that case, request control to run the instrument. You may also fail to run the instrument because of incorrect settings.

Why Can't I Change My SFP Settings?

In the view mode, the hardware settings of the device are dimmed. Only the controller can change the hardware settings, for example, running the Oscilloscope or configuring its trigger. Viewers can only change certain display settings, for example, configuring the cursors on the Oscilloscope display. Request control to change the hardware settings.

How Do I Know If I Am a Controller or a Viewer?

You can find out whether you are a controller or a viewer through the icon on the top right side of the SFP.

  • —Only you are using the instrument and you are a controller.
  • —Only you are using the instrument and you are a viewer.
  • —Multiple users are using the instrument and you are a controller.
  • —Multiple users are using the instrument and you are a viewer.

How Do I Request Control?

Perform the following steps to request control:

  1. Click the icon on the top right side of the SFP you are viewing.
  2. Click Request Control.
  3. Wait until the controller approves the request. The controller can decide whether to approve or deny the request. When multiple viewers are requesting control, the controller can choose whom to assign the control to. By default, the first requestor becomes the controller if the current controller does not respond within 30 seconds.

Why Did I Lose Control over the Instrument?

Whenever you close the SFP, you lose control over that instrument. Another possible reason is poor network connection.

Where Can I Find All the Users Connecting to the Shared Device?

When you connect to a shared device successfully, you can see the names of all the users connecting to this device by clicking the arrow next to the icon in the Manage device connection tab. You can also find all the users who are using the same SFP by clicking that icon on the top right side of the SFP.

How Do I Give Control to Others?

You can give control to your team member in the following two ways:

  • Release control. Your team member requests control and becomes a controller immediately.
  • Your team member requests control and you approve the request.

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