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What You Need to Get Started

Last Modified: August 8, 2019

To set up and use the NI ELVIS III, you need the following items:
  • Required hardware
    • NI ELVIS III workstation
    • AC/DC power supply
    • High-speed USB 2.0 cable
    • Computer
  • Recommended items for first time users
    • BNC to BNC cable or
    • Cables and Accessories Kit (786520-01)
  • Optional items and tools for further exploration
    • NI ELVIS III prototyping board
    • Components to build your circuits
    • Cabling and sensors as required for your application
    • Wire cutter
    • Wire stripper
  • Software
    • NI ELVIS III Software Bundle Installer (optional)
  • Documentation
    • NI ELVIS III Quick Start Guide
    • NI ELVIS III Safety, Environmental, and Regulatory Information (SERI) manual

Unpacking Your Device

The NI ELVIS III workstation and the NI ELVIS III Prototyping Board ship in antistatic packages to prevent electrostatic damage. Electrostatic discharge can damage several components on the NI ELVIS III hardware.


Never touch the exposed pins of connectors.

To avoid such damage in handling the workstation and prototyping board, take the following precautions:
  • Ground yourself using a grounding strap or by holding a grounded object.
  • Touch the antistatic package to a metal part of the computer chassis before removing the workstation or prototyping board from the package.

Remove the hardware from the package and inspect it for loose components or any sign of damage. Contact NI if the hardware appears damaged in any way.

Store the workstation and the prototyping board in the antistatic envelopes when not in use.

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