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Voltage Sweep

Last Modified: May 14, 2018

During a voltage sweep, the voltage of the sweep signal changes continuously from the minimum to the maximum or vice versa, at the interval you specify. To generate a sweep signal, select the Sweep mode for the Variable Power Supply (VPS).

The following table shows an example of configuring the VPS to generate a voltage sweep.

Control Value
Mode Sweep
Start voltage 1.0 V
Stop voltage 4.0 V
Step value 1.0 V
Step interval 1.0 s
Generation mode Run once

When you configure the VPS as specified in the previous table, the instrument generates a voltage sweep as follows:

Figure 1. Output voltage when Generation mode is Run once

If Generation mode is set to Loop, the instrument generates the voltage sweep continuously. The voltage first increases from 1 V to 4 V, and then goes back to 1 V and increases to 4 V again. The sweep continues until the instrument stops running.

Figure 2. Output voltage when Generation mode is Loop

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