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Horizontal & Acquisition Settings (Oscilloscope)

Last Modified: May 14, 2018

You can configure the display and the data acquisition by using the Horizontal & Acquisition settings.

You can configure some settings directly on the panel. To access additional settings, click the configuration button on the top right side of the section.

Setting Description
Time per division The horizontal scale of the display.
Acquisition Filter you apply to the analog-to-digital (AD) conversion results.
  • Decimate—The Oscilloscope records only the Nth AD conversion result, where N is predefined by the Oscilloscope.
  • Average—The Oscilloscope calculates each sample as the average of the AD conversion results.
  • Min/Max—For each two samples, the Oscilloscope calculates one as the minimum value of the conversion results and the other as the maximum value of the conversion results. In other words, the maximum value and the minimum value appear by turns.
Sample rate Number of samples that the Oscilloscope acquires per second. The Oscilloscope automatically sets the value of Sample rate according to the value of Time per division and trigger settings.

The following settings are available on the panel only:

Setting Icon Description
Expand Expands the trace.
Shrink Contracts the trace.

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