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Launching the Soft Front Panels

Last Modified: May 14, 2018

Access the instrument Soft Front Panels (SFPs) from Measurements Live.

  1. Connect the NI ELVIS III to your host computer via USB, Ethernet, or a wireless network. Refer to Connecting the Device to Your Host Computer for detailed connection information.
  2. Launch Measurements Live via one of the following options:

    The Measurements Live toolbar has the following tabs:

    • Device—Use the Device tab to manage device connection.
    • Instruments—Use the Instruments tab to launch the SFPs. The status of each SFP is also shown in this tab.
    • Resources—Use the Resources tab to access general resources to support you in using the NI ELVIS III.
  3. Click the Device tab and do one of the following:
    • If you connect the NI ELVIS III via USB, select Connect via USB and click Connect.

      If your host computer is not connected to the Internet, the NI ELVIS III automatically connects to the offline version of Measurements Live. In this case, you can skip this step.

    • If you connect the NI ELVIS III via Ethernet or a wireless network, select Connect via Network, press and hold the user button on the left-hand side of the NI ELVIS III workstation until the OLED display of the NI ELVIS III is lit, enter the device ID on the display, and click Connect.

      The button is user programmable. When an application that controls the button is running, pressing the button also triggers any action defined by the application. Find an example of programming the button in User Programmable Button.

    The name of the NI ELVIS III workstation appears on the Device tab when the connection with the NI ELVIS III is successfully established.
  4. Click the Instruments tab.
  5. Launch the SFP you want by selecting it from the list.

You can now use the SFP to perform a basic measurement task.

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