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NI ELVIS III Prototyping Board

Last Modified: May 14, 2018

The NI ELVIS III Prototyping Board is the default application board for the NI ELVIS III. This general-purpose board can be used to prototype circuits and systems across a wide variety of disciplines. It features a large central build area, convenient access to the NI ELVIS III control I/O, and integrates a set of commonly used circuit components such as buttons and LEDs to simplify prototyping.


Ensure that the application board power button on the workstation is turned off before inserting or removing the prototyping board from the workstation. The integrated LED in the power button should not be lit.

Figure 1. NI ELVIS III Prototyping Board
  1. Analog Input
  2. Analog Output
  3. Fixed User Power Supplies
  4. Digital I/O
  5. User peripherals
  6. Digital ground
  7. Central build area (breadboard)
  8. Fixed User Power Supplies LEDs

Visit and enter the Info Code breadboardtutorial to learn more about circuit building, circuit examples, and best practices and tips.

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