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Workspace Configuration

Last Modified: November 23, 2020

The editor displays the Project Explorer window to the left of the main document window, which displays in the middle of the default workspace. The default configuration displays the Pin View pane and the Instrument Settings pane to the right of the main document window.

You can drag, dock, float, and resize documents in the document window, and you can resize or collapse the Project Explorer window, Pin View pane, and Instrument Settings pane to configure a custom workspace layout to optimize development and debugging tasks. As you drag the document from the current location, the editor detaches the document and displays docking guides. The docking guides show you where you can place the document. As you move the mouse over a docking guide, the editor highlights where the document will relocate when dropped. The editor saves the workspace layout configuration in the .digiprojcache file when you save and close the project and restores the layout when you reopen the project. Select View»Reset Workspace to restore the workspace to a single document window with tabs for each open document.

You can drag a document by its tab away from the main workspace window and drop the document without highlighting a docking guide location to detach the document from the main workspace and create a new instance of the application window. All instances of the application window refer to the same project file and share the same state. Selecting View»Reset Workspace in a window in this case closes all the other windows.

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