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Table View Filters

    Last Modified: November 23, 2020

    Table view filters enable you to visualize items in document tables based on specified values. The filter inputs appear at the top of each section within the document you want to filter. Enter a search term in the filter to display rows that contain that term.

    Column-based Filters

    To filter a specific column, enter the column name followed by a colon and one or more search terms. Separate multiple search terms with a semi-colon. All search terms you specify must be present in a row for it to appear in your filtered view.

    If you want to use character-sensitive searches, click the Match case button next to the filter entry field. If you want to search for whole words only, click the Match whole word button.

    A space starts a new search string. If the column name includes a space, refer to the Quotation Marks section to learn how to filter with search strings containing spaces. Refer to the following examples to see how to filter by column name:



    "termination mode":vterm


    Quotation Marks

    To filter using terms containing spaces, colons, or semicolons, use quotation marks. Refer to the following examples to see how to use quotation marks in your search strings:

    "termination mode":"High Z"


    "pin groups":pingroupA


    If you need to use a quotation mark as part of a search string, put two adjacent quotation marks inside a search string. The filter string "abc""def" will search for abc"def


    To filter your tables based on certain conditions, use the following operators:
    • NOT—Use the NOT operator before a keyword to invert the truth condition for it. For example, the following string hides all rows with disabled sites: NOT site:disabled
    • OR—Use the OR operator to match any member of a group of search keywords. For example, the following string shows all rows that contain both vterm and digital, or ppmu and voltage: vterm digital OR ppmu voltage.

    Combining Filters

    To narrow your results, use a combination of filter types. Use a search string delimited by spaces to specify multiple search terms. For example, the following search string will show all pins in the mygroup pin group that are not on disabled sites and have termination mode set to vterm: NOT site:disabled pingroups:mygroup terminationmode:vterm

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