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Schema Version Policy

Last Modified: November 23, 2020

The schema version uses a major.minor notation. The version of the schema reflects changes to the schema, not changes to the Digital Pattern Editor.

Changes to the schema version indicate breaking changes to the schema. The editor does not load files that use a later schema version than the version specified for that version of the editor.

Use the following table to map schema versions and editor versions.


Digital Pattern Editor 18.0 and later can read all pin map file versions regardless of the schema version. These editor versions will ignore any parts of the pin map file that the editor does not use.

Schema Version Digital Pattern Editor Version

PinMap.xsd version 1.2

Specifications.xsd version 1.0

Digital Pattern Editor 16.0

PinMap.xsd version 1.3

Digital Pattern Editor 17.0


Digital Pattern Editor 18.0 and later

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