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Pin View Pane Frequency Section

Last Modified: November 23, 2020

Use this section of the Pin View pane to measure the frequency of a signal on a digital pin.


The collapsed Frequency section displays the frequency indicator and measure frequency button in the section heading. When you expand the section, the frequency and period indicators and the interval control display.

  • Frequency and Period Indicator — Displays the measured frequency and period. The measurement is taken by counting the number of rising edges that cross over VOL that occur over a specified interval time.

    You can take measurements only when the pin is in digital mode. You cannot take measurements while using the PPMU.

  • Interval — Specifies the interval time to use. The interval time is the period during which the frequency counter is measuring the frequency. The larger the interval time, the better the resolution. Select short interval times for faster measurement speed.
  • Measure Frequency Button Refresh — Takes a new frequency measurement and updates the frequency and period indicators.

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