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Last Modified: November 23, 2020

Use the pattern document to view, create, modify, load, burst, and debug binary pattern files (.digipat). A digital pattern file can contain only one pattern.

Select File»New or click the Add Item button Add Item on the Project Explorer window toolbar to create a new document. Double-click a .digipat file in the Project Explorer window or right-click the file and select Open from the context menu to launch the pattern document.

If you are working with large pattern files, ensure that the system includes at least 8 GB of RAM. NI recommends 16 GB of RAM.

Text Pattern File Format

The Digital Pattern Editor requires a compiled, binary version of the pattern file to edit or burst. You can compile an ASCII text pattern file format (.digipatsrc) into a binary version. The ASCII format can be helpful in the following situations:

  • Writing tools or scripts that generate pattern files.
  • Writing tools or scripts that convert text pattern files from other testers to the NI text pattern file format.
  • Storing revisions of the text pattern file in source code control systems.
  • Using a third-party application to compare revisions of the pattern file.
  • Manually editing pattern files in a standard text editor.

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