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File Format Version Declaration

Last Modified: November 23, 2020

The required file format version declaration specifies the unique version of the NI text pattern file format to which the pattern complies using the following syntax:

file_format_version major.minor

where major and minor are decimal numbers.


The following conditions apply to the file format version declaration:

  • The file format version declaration must be the first declaration in the pattern file.
  • The current version of the file format is 1.1.
  • You must add the pattern name to the export declaration to use the pattern name in the import declaration of another pattern.
  • Vectors start loading in FVM and CVM only when you explicitly export the pattern name or when the pattern name is the target of a jump, call, or looping opcode. If you do not export the pattern name, vectors start loading in LVM.

    Pattern files with a file format version of 1.0 always export the pattern name, and vectors always start loading in FVM and CVM.

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