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Export Declaration

Last Modified: November 23, 2020

The export declaration specifies the list of labels to export for other patterns to use as opcode targets using the following syntax:

export item1, item2, item3, …;

where item<n> is a valid label.


The following conditions apply to the export declaration:

  • The export declaration must be specified before the pattern declaration.
  • You can include multiple export declarations on the same or separate lines.
  • You cannot duplicate items in an export declaration.
    • Exported labels and pattern names must be unique across all loaded patterns.
    • Local labels that are not exported do not have to be unique across patterns because their scope is limited to a single pattern.
  • You must export a pattern name to use it as a target of an opcode from another pattern.
  • You must define the export as a pattern name or a label in the pattern file.
  • You can use a pattern name as a start label parameter value for niDigital API calls without exporting the pattern name.

In pattern files with a file format version of 1.0, you cannot use the pattern name as an exported label.

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