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Connect to Instruments Dialog Box

Last Modified: November 23, 2020

When the Digital Pattern Editor cannot find open instrument sessions, it launches the Connect to Instruments dialog box, which includes the following connection options:

  • Create New Sessions — Specifies to create new instrument sessions for all available digital pattern instruments, NI-DCPower instruments, and relay driver modules defined in the active pin and channel map for the project. Select this option when you want to use the instruments only with the digital pattern editor and do not need to share them with a separate test program. All sites for which all instruments are available are enabled by default when you use this option. If the DPE is connected to any simulated instruments, a hot pink banner will appear in the menu bar.
  • Demo Mode — Specifies to run the editor in demo mode. The DPE simulates session connections in software to digital pattern instruments, NI-DCPower instruments, and relay driver modules in the active pin and channel map. Select this option only for demonstration purposes because generated results do not reflect a realistic execution of patterns. The DPE will indicate that it is in demo mode by displaying a banner in the menu bar.
  • Continue Disconnected — Specifies to continue in disconnected mode. Select this option when you want to share instruments with a separate test program or when you only need to view and edit the digital project files in the Digital Pattern Editor. In disconnected mode, the editor tries in the background to connect to existing instrument sessions that match the active pin and channel map, and, if successful, automatically switches to connected mode. If the pin and channel map defines multiple sites across multiple instruments, the editor connects when all the instrument sessions for at least one site exist. To begin sharing instruments, use a separate test program with the same active pin and channel map in the digital project to create instrument sessions. The editor automatically connects to the instrument sessions when the sessions exist. Before you actively burst patterns or change the configuration of instruments from the editor, pause the test program, such as with a breakpoint, so that the test program is not actively trying to use the instruments at the same time as the editor.

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