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Creating a Register Map

    Last Modified: November 23, 2020

    You must configure a register map externally and then add it to your Digital Pattern Editor project. Digital Pattern Editor does not support the creation of register map documents.

    1. Determine how you want to create a register map using the following table.
      Method Tasks
      Text editor Open a new file in a text editor.
      Example register map
      1. Click the home button and select the Learning tab.
      2. Click Register Maps and launch one of the examples.
      3. In the Project Files tab, double-click the register map file (.digireg).
      4. Save the .digireg file to disk.
      5. Open the file in a text editor.
    2. Using the datasheet for your DUT, configure the registers and fields in the register map.
    3. Save your document. If you are manually creating a map in an external text editor, save it with the .digireg file extension.
    4. To add the register map to your project, open the project in Digital Pattern Editor, and select File»Add file... to add the register map file to your project.

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