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Configuring Time Domain Reflectometry

    Last Modified: November 23, 2020

    Create a time domain reflectometry (.digitdr) document to save a TDR configuration for your project. TDR measures latency introduced by your set-up, and applies the measured values to the channels you select to ensure accurate measurements.

    The TDR document groups pins by channel, rather than by site, enabling faster test configuration across sites that share pins.
    1. Select File»New»TDR Configuration.
    2. Expand Comments to add information about the TDR test configuration.
    3. Check the boxes next to each channel you want to include in the TDR measurement.
    4. Depending on your goals, use the following table to determine which actions to take once you set up your TDR measurement document.
      Goal Button
      Apply TDR offset to the specified channel. Apply TDR
      Execute a TDR test on shorted channels.

      Only select this option if the selected channels are shorted.

      Run TDR to Short
      Execute a TDR measurement on open channels. Run TDR to Open
      Update the TDR document to display channels from the active pin map. Update from Pin Map
    5. To remove channels no longer present in the active pin map, right-click the TDR configuration table and select Remove Unmapped TDR Entries.

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