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Compiling Pattern Files

Last Modified: November 23, 2020

When you import a pattern file into the Digital Pattern Editor, the editor automatically compiles the file. You can also use the Digital Pattern Compiler command-line tool (DigitalPatternCompiler.exe), located in <Program Files>\National Instruments\Digital Pattern Compiler, to compile text pattern files (.digipatsrc or .digipat.gz) to binary pattern files (.digipat). You must specify a pin and channel map file to compile text pattern files to binary pattern files. To compile compressed text pattern files (.digipat.gz), use the command-line argument gzip-digipatsrc.

Compiler Capabilities

Call the Digital Pattern Compiler with the –help option to list the available command-line options for the tool, which include commands to complete the following tasks:

  • Perform syntax checking.
  • Exclude comments in the target file.
  • Decompile binary pattern files to text pattern files or compressed text pattern files to store in a source code control system or to use with a third-party application to compare revisions of the pattern file.
  • Specify the output format and location for the target file.
  • Compile a batch of files with one command.
  • Deco

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