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Capture Results View

Last Modified: November 23, 2020

Use this view to see capture waveform data per site in columns for the last pattern burst. The capture waveform data updates with each burst. Use the capture_start, capture, and capture_stop opcodes to store values when you burst a pattern.

Use the Capture Waveform pull-down menu to select the capture waveform for which you want to view data. Disabled sites do not return results. The pull-down menu displays multiple captures of the same waveform within the same burst as multiple items.

Click the Save Capture Data button Save Capture Data on the Capture Results View toolbar or press <Ctrl+S> to save a .csv file that contains the data for the currently selected capture waveform.

Keyboard Shortcuts within Capture Results View

Action Shortcut
Save all data for the currently selected capture waveform in a .csv file <Ctrl+S>

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