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Pin Groups

Last Modified: July 22, 2019

Use the Pin Groups section on the Pin Map Tab to specify a grouping of pins that you can reference with a single name.

Choose one of the following options to add a pin group to the pin map file:

  • Click <Add Pin Groups Here> to display the Pin Groups pane, and click the Pin Group button.
  • Right-click <Add Pin Groups Here> and select Pin Group from the context menu.

The Pin Map Editor automatically adds the pin group to the Pin Groups section. Select a pin group in the Pin Groups section to display the Pin Groups pane, where you can change the pin group name and use the individual checkboxes or the Select All checkbox to add or remove DUT pins, system pins, or pin groups from the selected pin group.


Pin and pin group names are case sensitive and must begin with a letter or underscore (_) and are limited to A-Z, a-z, 0-9, or _ characters.

Once you create a pin group, you can also add pins or other pin groups to the pin group using one of the following options:

  • Click <Add Pin References Here>, and click the Pin Reference button in the Pin Groups pane to display a drop-down menu of available pins and pin groups.
  • Right-click <Add Pin References Here>, and select Pin Reference from the context menu to display a drop-down menu of available pins and pin groups.
  • Drag pins or pins groups from the Pins or Pin Groups section into a pin group.

You can also cut, copy, and paste pins, or add comments in the Pin Groups pane. Use the Comment button to specify a comment for the selected pin group. Comments display beneath the pin group they modify.

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