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Unmerging Merged Channels

Last Modified: December 3, 2020

Merging channels reserves the primary channel and merge channels for use in the merge configuration you choose. To use merged channels independently again, you must first unreserve them.

Complete the following steps to unreserve merged channels and use the channels independently.
  1. Do any of the following to unreserve merged channels:
    Option Outcome
    Set the Merged Channels property to "" for the primary channel and then call the Commit With Channels function The channels stop sourcing current
    • Call the Reset With Channels function on the primary channel;
    • Call the Disable function, if the session is initialized with a single primary channel only; or
    • Self-calibrate the instrument
    The channels stop sourcing current
    Call the Close function in a session that includes the primary channel The channels continue to source current according to the merge configuration
    The channels are now unreserved: you can now access them to configure them independently of one another.
  2. Configure the channel(s) independently as desired.
  3. Call the Commit With Channels function on the channels you intend to use. Committing the independent configuration unmerges the channels and applies the independent configuration.

    When you change the merge configuration upon calling Commit With Channels, the outputs of all channels that were in the previous merge configuration are disabled; this is equivalent to using the Configure Output Enabled function to disable the outputs of those channels.

The new merge configuration is applied at commit. You can use each channel independently of the others (or in a new merge configuration), and each channel may source current up to its normal per-channel or merged maximum. If the merge configuration remains unchanged, the merged channels continue sourcing based on their previous configuration. Once you have committed a new configuration to the channels, call the Initiate With Channels function to begin sourcing according to your new configuration.

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