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Modes of Operation

    Last Modified: January 31, 2017

    The NI-DCPower Soft Front Panel (SFP) supports two modes of operation: Source & Sample and Sweep.

    • Source & Sample—Allows multiple channels to source current or voltage while measured results are plotted on a graph. When you pause the measurements, the SFP pauses the channel outputs at the last configured level.
    • Sweep—For a single channel, this mode sweeps through configured current or voltage steps and plots the results on the graph. For multiple channels, this mode sweeps two channels through configured current or voltage steps and plots the results on a graph. A multiple channel sweep acts as a nested loop where the inner channel executes all of the steps for each step configured in the outer channel. When you stop the measurement in sweep mode, the SFP stops both measurements and channel outputs.

      A primary application for SMUs is the characterization and classification of electrical components, semiconductor devices, and custom chip designs. To perform this characterization, you can sweep either the voltage or current sourced to the DUT through a list of values. An example is tracing IV curves for diodes and transistors. You can sweep the voltage across the terminals of the DUT, and measure the resulting current.


      Sweeping is not available on PXI-4110/4130 SMUs or any NI programmable power supplies.

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