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Routing and Hardware Sharing

Last Modified: January 31, 2020

Two or more routes might overlap in a compatible fashion—especially if these two routes have the same source and destination. When routes overlap in a compatible fashion, the routing software handles this situation.

As an example, assume that two separate tasks make the same route. The resources associated with the routes are not released until both tasks have been unreserved. Mixing task-based and immediate routes is acceptable, too. However, the hardware resources are not released until all task-based routes have been released and the immediate route has been disconnected.

Releasing a task-based route using the Disconnect Terminals function/VI is not possible. You must release task-based routes by unreserving or clearing the task. In LabVIEW, if you explicitly create your task with the Create Task VI, you must clear it with the Clear Task VI. Otherwise, LabVIEW clears your task for you when the top level VI of your program stops executing.

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