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Pausing Logging

Last Modified: January 31, 2020

You can pause or resume logging by setting the Logging.Pause attribute/property. This can be used if you do not want to initially log data but want to begin when a certain condition is met. You can also use this attribute/property to temporarily disable logging.

If you re-enable logging after disabling logging in an application, a new group is created in the log file. This group is denoted by the name <group name> #1, where the number is automatically incremented.

Before you resume logging data in Log and Read mode, you can set the Offset attribute/property to log data that was previously read while logging was paused. For example, if you set Offset to -1000 and resume logging, NI-DAQmx logs the 1000 samples read before Logging.Pause is enabled. After resuming logging, Offset is automatically reset to 0.

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