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Handshaking Signals for 8255-Based Devices

Last Modified: January 31, 2020

8255-based devices that perform handshaking support four handshaking signals:

  • Strobe Input (STB)
  • Input Buffer Full (IBF)
  • Output Buffer Full (OBF)
  • Acknowledge Input (ACK)

Use the STB and IBF signals for digital input operations and the OBF and ACK signals for digital output operations. When the STB line is low, the samples are sent to the measurement device. After the samples have been sent, IBF is high, which tells the peripheral device that the data has been read. For digital output, OBF is low while the software sends the samples to a peripheral device. After the peripheral device receives the samples, it sends a low pulse back on the ACK line. Refer to your device documentation to determine which digital ports you can configure for handshaking signals.

Digital Data on Multiple Ports

For 8255-based devices, the ports in the task affect which handshaking lines are used. Always use the handshaking lines associated with the highest order port in the task. For instance, if you want to group ports 1 and 2 into a single task, use the handshaking lines associated with port 2.

Connect all the STB lines together if you are grouping ports for digital input, as shown in the following figure. Connect only the IBF line of the highest order port in the task to the other device. No connection is needed for the IBF signals for the other ports.

If you group ports for digital output on an 8255-based device, connect only the handshaking signals of the last port in the port list, as shown in the following figure.

When performing handshaking, some lines are automatically reserved for control purposes and are unavailable for use. The control lines used depend on the ports you are using and whether you are handshaking with input or output channels. The remaining lines in the port not used for control are still available for use. If you are transferring data across any line in a port in a handshaking task, the entire port is reserved for handshaking data and the remaining lines in the port are unavailable for use.

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