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Device Resetting and Interactions with Routing

Last Modified: January 31, 2020

When you reset a device in NI-DAQmx, every immediate route and task associated with the device is invalidated. When the task is invalidated, all the routes are invalidated, too. If a task-based route is invalidated using a device reset, its parent task also is invalidated.

For instance, device A is running a task that performs an analog input operation. This same analog input operation receives its Start Trigger from device B. This task spans across device A and B due to the multi-device routing. If device B gets reset, all routes on device B are destroyed. The invalidation of the task-based route on device B causes its parent task on device A to be invalidated, too. You must consider these possible consequences when issuing a device reset. If the route between device A and B is an immediate route, there is not a relationship between the immediate route and the task. This could result in the task not being invalidated. You need to decide if you need to preserve the task.

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