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Last Modified: July 19, 2019

Specifies the units of the values that you want to scale.

Data type: datatype_icon

Name Value Description
Volts 10348 Volts.
Amps 10342 Amperes.
Deg F 10144 Degrees Fahrenheit.
Deg C 10143 Degrees Celsius.
Deg R 10145 Degrees Rankine.
Kelvins 10325 Kelvins.
Strain 10299 Strain.
Ohms 10384 Ohms.
Hz 10373 Hertz.
Seconds 10364 Seconds.
Meters 10219 Meters.
Inches 10379 Inches.
Degrees 10146 Degrees.
Radians 10273 Radians.
Ticks 10304 Ticks.
RPM 16080 Revolutions per minute.
Radians/s 16081 Radians per second.
Degrees/s 16082 Degrees per second.
g 10186 1 g is approximately equal to 9.81 m/s/s.
m/s^2 12470 Meters per second per second.
in/s^2 12471 Inches per second per second.
m/s 15959 Meters per second.
in/s 15960 Inches per second.
Pascals 10081 Pascals.
Newtons 15875 Newtons.
Pounds 15876 Pounds.
kgf 15877 Kilograms-force.
psi 15879 Pounds per square inch.
bar 15880 Bar.
Nm 15881 Newton meters.
oz-in 15882 Ounce-inches.
lb-in 15883 Pound-inches.
lb-ft 15884 Pound-feet.
Volts/Volt 15896 Volts per volt.
mVolts/Volt 15897 Millivolts per volt.
From TEDS 12516 Units defined by TEDS information associated with the channel.

Long Name: Scale:Pre-Scaled Units

Class: DAQmx Scale

Permissions: Read/Write

Where This Property Is Available:

Desktop OS: Windows

FPGA: Not supported

Web Server: Not supported in VIs that run in a web application

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