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Sample Clock Synchronization

Last Modified: January 31, 2020

Sample Clock synchronization allows you to synchronize tasks on multiple devices at the same rate.

When using Sample Clock synchronization, slave devices replace the Sample Clock for a given subsystem with the Sample Clock from another device.

To perform Sample Clock synchronization, configure all devices to use Sample Clock timing. Set the source of the Sample Clock on all slave devices to the internal Sample Clock terminal from the master device. For example, the name of the Sample Clock terminal from the AI subsystem is ai/SampleClock.


You must start any tasks on slave devices before starting the task on the master device.

Sample Clock synchronization results in skew due to the time required for the clock to travel between devices. On multiplexed devices, Sample Clock synchronization results in jitter because, even though you synchronized the Sample Clock, the devices do not synchronize the AI Convert Clock.

Use Master Timebase synchronization or Reference Clock synchronization to synchronize devices at different rates.

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