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Measurement System Types and Signal Sources

Last Modified: April 19, 2018

The type of input signal source (grounded or floating) and the configuration of the measurement system (differential, single-ended, pseudodifferential) determine how you connect signals to measurement devices.

The following table provides an application-independent summary of analog input connections.

Input Signal Source Type
Floating Signal Source (Not Connected to Building Ground) Grounded Signal Source
Examples: Ungrounded thermocouples, signal conditioning with isolated outputs, battery devices Example: Instruments with nonisolated outputs
Differential (DIFF)
Ground Referenced Single-Ended (RSE)

Note: AI GND is shared as a reference for all RSE channels

Nonreferenced Single-Ended (NRSE)

Note: AI SENSE is shared as a reference for all NRSE channels

R ext is the external bias resistor that you add.

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