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NI 9202, NI 9252, and NI 9253 Filtering

Last Modified: May 2, 2019

The NI 9202, NI 9252, and NI 9253 use a combination of analog and digital filtering to provide an accurate representation of in-band signals while rejecting out-of-band signals. The filters discriminate between signals based on the frequency range, or bandwidth, of the signal. The filtering is always enabled and the filter configuration applies to all channels on the module.

In NI-DAQmx, you can specify the center or cutoff frequency (AI.Filter.Freq), the filter order (AI.Filter.Order), and choose a Comb filter response (AI.Filter.Response). The NI 9252/9253 also provide a Butterworth filter.

Refer to the hardware datasheets for additional details on filtering for these devices.

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