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Digital I/O Considerations for C Series Devices

Last Modified: May 2, 2019

Digital I/O module capabilities depend on the type of digital signals that the module can measure or generate and the chassis the module is used in.

Serial digital I/O modules: NI 9375, NI 9403, NI 9425, NI 9426, NI 9476, NI 9477, and NI 9478.

Parallel digital I/O modules: NI 9344, NI 9401, NI 9402, NI 9411, NI 9421, NI 9422, NI 9423, NI 9435, NI 9436, NI 9437, NI 9472, NI 9474, NI 9475, NI 9481, NI 9482, and NI 9485.

Onboard parallel digital I/O modules on sbRIO-9628 and 9638: DIO 0-3, DIO 4-11, DIO 12-19, and DIO 20-27.

The modules can perform the following tasks.

Serial and parallel modules:

  • Software and hardware-timed digital input/output tasks[1]

Parallel modules:

  • Counter/timer tasks
  • Accessing PFI signal tasks (can be used in up to two slots)
  • 1 Timed digital input/output restrictions:
    • You cannot use parallel and serial modules together on the same hardware timed task, unless they are in separate cDAQ chassis using multichassis device tasks.
    • You cannot use serial modules for triggering.
    • You cannot do both static and timed tasks at the same time on a single serial module.
    • You can only do hardware timing in one direction at a time on a serial module.

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