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FieldDAQ Physical Channels

Last Modified: May 2, 2019

In physical channel names, <product name>-<serial#> is the default device name. For example, an FD-11613 with serial number 1C6A39C shows up in MAX as FD11613-1C6A39C. MAX also appends the bank number. For example, FD11613-1C6A39C-Bank1. You can change these names in MAX.

FieldDAQ devices include the FD-11601, FD-11603, FD-11605, FD-11613, FD-11614, FD-11634, and FD-11637.

Analog Input

The following table lists the number and naming of analog input physical channels for FieldDAQ devices.

Device Number of Channels Naming
FD-11601 8 FD-11601-xxxxxxx-Bank1/ai0 to FD-11601-xxxxxxx-Bank1/ai3

FD-11601-xxxxxxx-Bank2/ai0 to FD-11601-xxxxxxx-Bank2/ai3

FD-11603 8 FD-11603-xxxxxxx-Bank1/ai0 to FD-11603-xxxxxxx-Bank1/ai3

FD-11603-xxxxxxx-Bank2/ai0 to FD-11603-xxxxxxx-Bank2/ai3

FD-11605 8 FD-11605-xxxxxxx-Bank1/ai0 to FD-11605-xxxxxxx-Bank1/ai3

FD-11605-xxxxxxx-Bank2/ai0 to FD-11605-xxxxxxx-Bank2/ai3

FD-11613 8 FD-11613-xxxxxxx-Bank1/ai0 to FD-11613-xxxxxxx-Bank1/ai7
FD-11614 16 FD-11614-xxxxxxx-Bank1/ai0 to FD-11614-xxxxxxx-Bank1/ai7

FD-11614-xxxxxxx-Bank2/ai0 to FD-11614-xxxxxxx-Bank2/ai7

FD-11634 8 FD-11634-xxxxxxx-Bank1/ai0 to FD-11634-xxxxxxx-Bank1/ai3

FD-11634-xxxxxxx-Bank2/ai0 to FD-11634-xxxxxxx-Bank2/ai3

FD-11637 8 FD-11637-xxxxxxx-Bank1/ai0 to FD-11637-xxxxxxx-Bank1/ai3

FD-11637-xxxxxxx-Bank2/ai0 to FD-11637-xxxxxxx-Bank2/ai3

Strain and Wheatstone Bridge Measurements FD-11637

The FD-11637 supports only the AI Strain Gage, AI Rosette Strain Gage, AI Force Bridge, AI Pressure Bridge, AI Torque Bridge, AI Bridge (V/V), and AI Custom Voltage With Excitation channel types.

When using the FD-11637 with an AI Custom Voltage With Excitation channel, you must set the AI.Excit.UseForScaling attribute/property to true. This attribute/property causes the channel to return ratiometric data: Vin/Vex.

The FD-11637 returns a voltage ratio rather than a voltage. Therefore, use the AI.Bridge.InitialRatio attribute/property to specify the initial voltage ratio, or set the AI.Bridge.InitialVoltage attribute/property to the ratio Vin/Vex returned by the device, multiplied by Vex.

When the FD-11637 is in quarter bridge mode, you need to use the AI.Bridge.NomResistance attribute/property to control whether the channel uses the 120 Ω range or the 350 Ω range.

The FD-11637 has internal half-bridge completion, and quarter-bridge completion for 120 Ω and 350 Ω strain gauges.

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