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Committed State

Last Modified: September 15, 2017

NI-DAQmx programs some of the settings for the resources when the task is committed. These settings might be the rate of a clock or the input limits of a channel on a device, the direction of a trigger line on a PXI chassis, or the size of the buffer memory in the computer. Other settings, such as the sample counter, cannot be programmed when the task is committed because they need to be programmed every time the task is started. When a task is committed, it transitions from the Reserved state to the Committed state. You can explicitly perform this transition by invoking the Control Task function/VI with Action set to Commit. In general, the commit transition should not fail. If it does, it is an exceptional condition and the task remains in the Reserved state. If the settings for the resources used by the task are programmed, the task is successfully committed and transitions to the Committed state.

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