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Last Modified: November 16, 2017

Amplification is a type of signal conditioning that improves accuracy in the resulting digitized signal by increasing signal amplitude relative to noise.

For the highest possible accuracy, amplify the signal so the maximum voltage swing equals the maximum input range of the ADC, or digitizer. Your system should amplify low-level signals at the measurement device located nearest the signal source, as shown in the following figure.


Use shielded cables or a twisted pair of cables. By minimizing wire length, you can minimize noise that the lead wires pick up. Keep signal wires away from AC power cables and monitors to reduce 50 or 60 Hz noise.

If you amplify the signal at the measurement device, the signal is measured and digitized with noise that may have entered the lead wires. However, if you amplify the signal close to the signal source with an SCXI module, noise has less impact on the measured signal.

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