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NI-DAQmx Single-Point Real-Time Applications

Last Modified: November 16, 2017

This section describes sample applications that demonstrate the functionality for hardware-timed single-point operations on real-time platforms.

Most of these applications use the Wait For Next Sample Clock function/VI, which guarantees tight synchronization between the hardware layer and the software layers for hardware-timed single-point tasks. Wait For Next Sample Clock provides an accurate way to correlate application execution to hardware signals, such as the sample clock for the given task, while providing feedback on the overall real-time execution of the control loop.

The following sections present common control applications:

  • Hardware-Timed Simultaneously Updated I/O
  • Hardware-Timed Simultaneously Updated I/O with Data Exchanges between Time-Critical and Non-Time-Critical Loops
  • Hardware-Timed Input, Software-Timed Output
  • Hardware-Timed Counter Tasks
  • Software-Timed I/O
  • Hardware-Timed Simultaneously Updated I/O Using the Timed Loop (LabVIEW Only)

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