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Device Routing in MAX

Last Modified: September 15, 2017

To find the device routing table for your device, launch MAX and select Devices and Interfaces. Click a device to open a tabbed window in the middle pane. Click the Device Routes tab at the bottom of the pane to display the device routing table.


MAX does not display the device routing table for SCXI chassis, SCC connector blocks, or RTSI cable devices.

Each cell in the table is an index with the valid source and destination terminal for the device. These are the same terminal names you can find in the Terminal Name I/O control in LabVIEW.

If a route is possible between a source and destination terminal, the intersecting cell is colored green or yellow. A green cell indicates the route can be made without consuming any important resource of your device. A yellow cell indicates that although the route is possible, something important must be consumed to create the route. Placing the cursor over a yellow square reveals the resource used in the subsystem used indicator. Usually, the sacrificed resource is a counter.

When you display the device routing table for a cDAQ chassis or a C Series device, the table contains all of the terminals for the chassis and all devices installed in the chassis.

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