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Values of the -exclude Argument

Last Modified: August 7, 2018

When you configure a source control provider to use NI Compare, you can use the -exclude argument to prevent NI Compare from displaying certain types of comparison differences. The following table shows the values of the -exclude argument you can use in NI Compare.

Value of the -exclude Argument Differences NI Compare Ignores
Panel All the differences on the panel.
Panel.Functional Added, deleted, and modified objects on the panel.
Panel.Functional.AddedDeleted Added and deleted objects on the panel.
Panel.Functional.Modified Modified objects on the panel.
Panel.Visual Differences of object properties, positions, and sizes on the panel.
Panel.Visual.Properties Differences of object properties on the panel.
Panel.Visual.Position Differences of object positions on the panel.
Panel.Visual.Size Differences of object sizes on the panel.
Diagram All the differences on the diagram.
Diagram.Functional Added, deleted, and modified code on the diagram.
Diagram.Functional.AddedDeleted Added and deleted code on the diagram.
Diagram.Functional.Modified Modified code on the diagram.
Diagram.Visual Differences of node properties, positions, and sizes on the diagram.
Diagram.Visual.Properties Differences of node properties on the diagram.
Diagram.Visual.Position Differences of node positions on the diagram.
Diagram.Visual.Size Differences of node or structure sizes on the diagram.
Diagram.Visual.WireLayout Differences of wire layout on the diagram.
Diagram.Comments Differences of comments on the diagram.
IconConnectorPane All the differences on the icon and connector pane.
IconConnectorPane.Functional Differences of terminals on the connector pane.
IconConnectorPane.Functional.ConnectedDisconnected Differences of connected and disconnected terminals on the connector pane.
IconConnectorPane.Functional.Modified Modified terminals on the connector pane.
IconConnectorPane.Functional.Position Differences of terminal positions on the connector pane.
IconConnectorPane.Visual Differences of icon properties, templates, and view modes.
IconConnectorPane.Visual.Properties Differences of icon properties.
IconConnectorPane.Visual.Template Differences of icon templates.
IconConnectorPane.Visual.IconVisuals Differences of icon view modes.

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