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Project Comparison Workspace

Last Modified: January 24, 2019

When you collaborate with others on a project, you might want to visualize changes to the project file structure. Compare two project files with NI Compare to quickly locate modifications to the file structure of the project.

The following image highlights the types of differences NI Compare displays for projects.


NI Compare does not display files contained within applications or libraries.

Difference selector button—Navigates the differences, and selects the difference to view.
Properties button—Displays differences between values in the Document tab of the projects.
Viewing options—Configures the scroll bars in two project files to scroll independently or simultaneously, and zooms in or out.
—Identifies a renamed or moved item in the project. Hover over the item to view additional details.
—Identifies a new item in the project.
—Identifies a removed item in the project.

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