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USB-6000 Pinout

    Last Modified: September 18, 2017

    Table 1. Signal Descriptions
    Signal Reference Description

    D GND

    Digital Ground—The reference point for digital signals.

    AI GND

    Analog Input Ground—The reference point for analog input measurements.


    D GND

    Port 0 Digital I/O ChannelsYou can configure each signal individually as an input or output.

    PFI 0

    D GND

    Programmable Function Interface—An edge counter input.

    PFI 1

    D GND

    Programmable Function Interface—A digital trigger input.

    AI <0..7>

    AI GND

    Analog Input Channels—Analog input voltage channels.

    Table 2. LED State/Device Status
    LED Device Status
    Off Device is not connected or is in suspend.
    On Device is connected and functioning normally.
    Blinking Device has encountered an error. Wait 10 seconds to allow the device to attempt to recover from the error. If the LED continues blinking, disconnect and reconnect the device. If the error persists, contact National Instruments.

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