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MT LDPC Decoder (G Dataflow)

    Last Modified: February 7, 2018

    Executes iterative probabilistic decoding, or belief propagation, for low-density parity check (LDPC). In this algorithm, at each iteration, messages are passed from message nodes to check nodes and vice versa.

    Decodes LDPC code based on the standard message-passing schedule, which is a version of the flooding schedule. According to the flooding schedule, all the symbol nodes, and subsequently all the check nodes, pass new messages to their neighbors in each iteration.
    Performs LDPC decoding based on the LDPC serial decoding schedule. The LDPC serial decoding schedule is based on a serial update of symbol nodes messages. This update can be considered as shuffling of the flooding schedule. Instead of sending all messages from symbol nodes to check nodes and then all messages from check nodes to symbol nodes, as done in the flooding schedule, the serial schedule goes over the check nodes in some order and, for each node, sends all messages into the node and then all messages out from the node.

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