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Visualization Examples

Last Modified: February 23, 2021

Refer to the following section for examples of the visualization options in the Plot Plane window.


Right-click on the Plot Plane window to display the built-in LabVIEW options, such as exporting the image or the plot data.


The examples below use a file that contains multiple beams to depict how the beams are displayed on each graph. However, all visualizations can also work with only one beam.

1D Cut Analysis Visualization Example
Cut Analysis (Single Beam)
Cut Analysis (All Beams)
Polar Plot Visualization Example
Polar Plot (Single Beam)
3D Pattern Plot (Single Beam)
3D Pattern Plot (All Beams)
Heat Map Visualization Example
Heat Map (Single Beam)
Heat Map (All Beams)
Best Beam Index Visualization Example
Best Beam Index (Single Beam)
Best Beam Index (All Beams)

Best Beam Index (Single Beam) displays where the best peak for the selected index is found over all locations. Best Beam Index (All Beams) gray codes the indices for the different selected indices. In an ideal scenario, the beam you selected should be the best for the direction that it was intentionally created for. However, in certain cases the index that best suits the direction is not the expected index. The visualization makes it easier to quickly detect a problem with your codebook.

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