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Software Overview

    Last Modified: October 31, 2019

    The mmWave OTA Validation Test Software comprises the following components for interfacing and controlling the mmWave OTA Validation Anechoic Chamber and instrumentation.

    mmWave OTA Test Configuration UI

    Use the mmWave OTA Test Configuration UI open-source LabVIEW graphical user interface (GUI) to configure connection settings and measurement and sweeping parameters in the test matrix file.

    TestStand Template Startup Sequences

    Use the installed TestStand template sequences to run the configuration files that you create with the mmWave OTA Test Configuration UI. The template sequences control all aspects of your OTA test and are open-source to enable customization of your test plan.

    mmWave OTA Test Visualizer

    Use the mmWave OTA Test Visualizer to complete offline analysis of the test data for antenna measurements.

    mmWave OTA Test Positioner SFP

    Use the mmWave OTA Test Positioner SFP to control the movement of the positioner.

    Positioner Modes of Operation

    The 3GPP standard for OTA test of 5G NR DUTs requires making power measurements in a spherical grid around the DUT. This process can take a significant amount of time due to the large number of points to test, the movement of the DUT positioner, and coordination with the measurement equipment. NI provides two modes of operation for the positioner: Step-by-Step Position Sweeping and Autonomous Position Sweeping.

    OTA Measurement Interface (OTAMI)

    Use the OTAMI LabVIEW interface to store your measurements and compute the most common OTA measurements:

    • Effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP)
    • Total radiated power (TRP)
    • Error vector magnitude (EVM)
    • Half power beamwidth (HPBW)
    • Beam center
    • Beam direction
    • First null beamwidth
    • 1D cut analysis
    • 1D polar plot
    • 3D antenna pattern
    • Heat map
    • Best beam index

    Plugin Interfaces

    Use the LabVIEW plugin interfaces to customize and adapt the mmWave OTA Validation Test Reference Architecture for your testing environment. To enable the highest degree of customization, NI provides the source code for the plugins. The following plugins are installed with the mmWave OTA Validation Test Software.

    • Antenna Control—An API framework that allows you to create a plugin to control your specific active antenna module.
    • Positioner Control—An API that allows you to use a different positioner with the mmWave OTA Validation Anechoic Chamber. If your application requires a different positioner, contact the NI services personnel contracted on your project for more information about using this plugin.

    Measurement Software

    Use RFmx SpecAn and RFmx NR for compliant 3GPP 5G NR measurements and spectrum measurements. You can also use the RFmx SpecAn SFP or RFmx NR SFP to control the instrumentation.

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