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File Format for Measurement Results

    Last Modified: October 31, 2019

    You must save your measurement results as a CSV file to load them into the mmWave OTA Test Visualizer.

    Figure 1. Example File Format
    • Elevation and Azimuth—Plot the measurement data with the values in these columns.
    • Frequency—Populate this column with a valid number.
    • BeamNumber—Customize the value of this column based on the antenna plugin.
    • Polarization—Use either 0 (H-Plane) or 1 (E-Plane) as the value of this column.
    • Each of the remaining columns corresponds to a measurement. The mmWave OTA Validation Test Reference Architecture uses TXPower and EVM measurements in the example, but these can be expanded to any other measurement that your application requires.

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