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mmWave OTA Test Positioner SFP

    Last Modified: October 31, 2019

    The mmWave OTA Test Positioner SFP allows you to quickly manipulate the positioner.

    You can complete the following tasks with the mmWave OTA Test Positioner SFP:

    • Move the azimuth or elevation independently
    • Configure a sweep in both azimuth and elevation
    • Configure the Absolute Zero location of the positioner for antenna alignment

    You can access the mmWave OTA Test Positioner SFP at Start»All Programs»National Instruments»OTA Test»Positioner»mmWave OTA Test Positioner SFP.

    Figure 1. mmWave OTA Test Positioner SFP Environment
    1. XML Configuration—Browse to the file location of the XML configuration you want to load. Leave the field blank to automatically detect the file location.
    2. Positioner Type—Select the positioner used with your configuration.
    3. Azimuth—Select a value to set the desired azimuth of the positioner.
    4. Elevation—Select a value to set the desired elevation of the positioner.
    5. Move Home—Move the positioner back to the configured absolute home location.
    6. Stop/Exit—Stop all motion of the positioner and exit the SFP.
    7. Start Sweep—Start a sweep.
    8. Settings—Configure the absolute azimuth and elevation of the positioner. Select the Set Absolute Home button to save the current location as the new home position (0,0).
    9. Sweeps—Configure a sweep.
    10. Connected—Reconnect to the positioner if the connection is lost. The SFP attempts to connect to the positioner at startup.

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