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Aligning the Reference and Feed Antennas

Last Modified: February 23, 2021

Content applies to the CATR chamber.

Antenna alignment improves the repeatability and accuracy of your test. Complete the following steps to align the positioner to the CATR plane wave whenever the absolute zero of the positioner changes.

Ensure the following tasks are complete before you align the antennas:
  • Ensure the feed antenna and reflector are properly aligned by NI services personnel. If anything has come into contact with the feed antenna or reflector and you think the parts are misaligned, contact your NI services personnel for support.
  • Visually inspect the feed antenna and reflector for damage.
  • Complete the steps in Attaching the Reference Antenna.
  • Ensure the chamber door is closed.
  1. Open the mmWave OTA Validation Antenna Alignment Helper located at <NIDir>\OTA Test\Antenna Alignment.
  2. Select the mmWave_VST in the Resource Name list, and verify that the port strings in the SG Port and SA Port textboxes are as follows.

    SA Port: The port string for the first connected mmRH-5582 to the feed antenna port V is rf0/port1.

    SG Port: The port string for the second connected mmRH-5582 is rf1/port0.

  3. Click Start to begin the alignment procedure. The alignment procedure takes approximately 30 seconds and searches for the best alignment position in both azimuth and elevation. The Start and Commit Values to Positioner buttons are disabled during the procedure.
  4. Click Commit Values to Positioner when antenna alignment is complete. Ensure the Azimuth Profile and Elevation Profile plots look similar to the following figure, where the Azimuth Peak is approximately and the Elevation Peak is approximately -90°.
    Figure 1. Set Absolute Home Window
  5. Click Set Absolute Home to save the position in the chamber. The position remains saved in the chamber after restarting the system.
After antenna alignment is complete, perform system calibration to determine path losses in the system.

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