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OtaTXTestBase Class

Last Modified: August 28, 2020

Defines a base class for OTA TX tests.

  • Namespace—NationalInstruments.OtaTestLibrary
  • Assembly—NationalInstruments.OtaTestLibrary.dll
C# Syntax
public abstract class OtaTXTestBase


The OtaTXTestBase type exposes the following members.

Type Name Description
Methods LoadConfiguration Loads the configuration file to set the values and properties for the test.
Initialize Initializes the test system.
Configure Configures the OTA session after setting all the OTA test properties. You must call this method before starting the OTA measurement.
Initiate Initiates the instruments used in the OTA test.
Close Closes the open sessions for the instruments used in the OTA test.
ConfigureFrequencyAndPolarization Configures the measurement frequency and polarization of the receiver and generator.
MoveToBeamPeakPosition Moves the positioner to the position that obtains beam peak power with the specified frequency, beam, and polarization.
TestPositioner Performs a test of the positioner without completing any measurements.
Properties InputFilePath Gets the input file path.
OutputFilePath Gets or sets the output file path.
Beams Gets the beam indexes for the OTA test.
CurrentBeam Gets or sets the current beam index of the OTA test.
Frequencies Gets the frequencies for the OTA test.
Polarizations Gets the polarizations for the OTA test.
Otami Gets the NationalInstruments.OtaMeasurementLibrary.Otami.MeasurementInterface for the OTA test.
SweepMode Gets the sweep mode that is defined in the configuration file.
TestPersonalities Gets the test personalities for the OTA test.

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