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StepByStepTXTest.MeasureAtSinglePosition Method

Last Modified: August 28, 2020

Completes an OTA measurement for a single position with the specified coordinates.

  • Namespace—NationalInstruments.OtaTestLibrary
  • Assembly—NationalInstruments.OtaTestLibrary.dll
C# Syntax
public void MeasureAtSinglePosition(double frequency, int beam, Polarization polarization, Coordinate coordinate)


Name Type Description
frequency System.Double Specifies the frequency to measure.
beam System.Int32 Specifies the antenna beam index.
polarization NationalInstruments.OtaMeasurementLibrary.Otami.Polarization Specifies the antenna polarization.
coordinate NationalInstruments.OtaMeasurementLibrary.Coordinate Specifies the position in azimuth and elevation.

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