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AutonomousTXTest Class

Last Modified: August 28, 2020

Provides properties and methods that configure and initiate an OTA test in Autonomous mode.

  • Namespace—NationalInstruments.OtaTestLibrary
  • Assembly—NationalInstruments.OtaTestLibrary.dll
C# Syntax
public class AutonomousTXTest : OtaTXTestBase


AutonomousTXTest type exposes the following members.

Type Name Description
Methods StartMeasuring Starts an OTA Autonomous test measurement.
Abort Stops any OTA execution previously initiated by the AutonomousTXTest.StartMeasuring Method.
Properties Instance Gets the singleton instance of the Autonomous test.
IsFinished Gets whether the measurement is finished.
Status Gets the status of the Autonomous OTA test measurement.

Inheritance Hierarchy

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