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Visualizing Measurements

Last Modified: February 23, 2021

Use the mmWave OTA Validation Visualizer to complete offline analysis of your test data for antenna measurements.

You can access the mmWave OTA Validation Visualizer from the Visualization tab in the mmWave OTA Validation Configurator, or launch the application separately from <NIDir>\OTA Test\Visualizer.

Loading Measurement Results

Load your measurement results file into the mmWave OTA Validation Visualizer to view different visualizations of your antenna pattern and analyze antenna-specific measurements.

Use either of the following options to load your measurement results file:

  • Load the measurement results file directly from the Configuration tab in the mmWave OTA Validation Visualizer.
  • Launch the mmWave OTA Validation Visualizer with the specified file by entering the following text in the command prompt: mmWave OTA Validation Visualizer.exe -f "<file path>", where <file path> is the location of your measurement results file.

Do not change the measurement result data. The mmWave OTA Validation Visualizer recognizes the data only in the measurement results file.

mmWave OTA Validation Visualizer Environment

The following figure illustrates the elements of the mmWave OTA Validation Visualizer.

  1. Configuration tab—Select the Measurement Result file, choose the Measurement Type, and configure the Data Selection settings for the visualization.
  2. Cut Analysis tab—Configure the Cut Settings and Lobe Detection Settings.
  3. Plot Settings tab—Configure the Range and Scale of the plot, change the Manual 3D Plot Controls, and configure additional plot settings for the visualization.
  4. Plot Plane window—Select the preferred visualization for your measurement data.

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