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Configuring Settings in MAX

Last Modified: February 23, 2021

You must configure and rename your instruments in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) before you begin taking measurements.

(Chamber revB) Before you begin, verify that the LED status indicator on the chamber exterior is solid green.
  1. Launch MAX.
  2. In the configuration tree, expand Devices and Interfaces to see the list of installed NI hardware. Installed instruments appear under the name of the associated chassis.
  3. Within the Settings section for each instrument, enter the new name in the Name textbox as shown in the following table.
    Instrument Updated Name
    PXIe-6361 (p/n 781055-01) DAQ
    PXIe-3622 mmWave_VST
  4. Click Save in the MAX toolbar after you change the name for each instrument.
  5. In the configuration tree, select the PXIe-1095 chassis.
  6. On the Triggers tab, route the following PXI trigger lines between the PXIe-6361 (p/n 781055-01) and PXIe-5831:
    1. Set PXI_Trig0 to be away from the PXIe-6361 (p/n 781055-01) bus segment to the PXIe-3622 bus segment.
    2. Set PXI_Trig1 to be away from the PXIe-3622 bus segment to the PXIe-6361 (p/n 781055-01) bus segment.
  7. Click Save.

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