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Adding Software to a Target in the Design View

Last Modified: January 24, 2019

Add an application to a device, or target, in the Design view to specify where the software executes at run time.

  1. On the Design diagram, locate the device to which you want to add software.
  2. Optional: If an application already exists in your project, drag it from the Project Files tab to the Software section of the target.
  3. Optional: If you don't have an existing application, create a new application and add a VI to it.
    1. On the target, click Add Software»Application and then click OK. On the Application document toolbar, notice how the target selector is automatically set to the target.
    2. In the Application document, add a VI to the Application folder in one of the following ways:
      • Drag an existing VI from the Project Files tabs to the Application document.
      • Click New (+) to create a new VI.
      When you add files to the Application and open them, those software files open in the context for the target device you selected. Therefore, you can interactively edit and run the program on the target device from the VI.

      When you open a VI from the Project Files tab, the target of that VI can vary depending on whether it is targeted to run on multiple devices in SystemDesigner. You can use the target selector, shown in the following image, to verify the target or switch between instances of the VI on different targets.

    3. If you create a new VI, create whatever code you want to run on the target.

      You can use example code installed with your drivers to quickly start programming. To use example code, navigate to the Lobby in LabVIEW NXG and select Learning»Examples to launch an example and copy the code to your VI.

    4. Click File»Save all to save your project.
    5. Navigate back to the Design view of SystemDesigner.
You can now see software on your target.

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